Privacy Policy


FurryGPT uses cookies to store user login data and user settings. These cookies aren't and will not be used to track user activity.

FurryGPT stores daily and weekly usage statistics in memory. They are fully anonymous and not tied to any user data.


Messages are saved for the conversation's lifespan, so you can continue the conversation on the same device at a later time. When you clear the conversation, messages are immediately removed from FurryGPT's data store.

Conversations are tied to the unique login ID assigned on page load. Theoretically, I could look at your conversation that way. However, that requires me to know your unique ID, which I do not. Only your browser knows your unique ID. In practice, I cannot look at your conversations with FurryGPT.


FurryGPT Memories are stored based on your Discord user ID, so that they remain the same as you switch devices.

When you turn off the Memories feature, all Memories are immediately deleted from FurryGPT's data store.

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